May 22, 2024

About Us

At Vilekhar, we value genuineness over money-driven content that’s solely aimed at monetizing your digital presence. With core ethics in journalism and our community, we offer impartial insights into all the content we blog on.

From confirmed news to rumors (especially mentioned as rumors or leaks), we blog on lifestyle, travel, education, and technology – all to help you to be ahead of others. We write trending stories, how-to guides, and other information that helps you in making sensible decisions.

Our special niche comes in the Indian education system, where we actively blog on student issues, education reforms, and other radical changes happening in the industry. At times, we also take information requests on certain topics (contact us), research them for you, and share them with the world if that’s needed – all for bettering the community.

Being a Vilekhar member, you shall never be left ignorant in any of the spaces we cover. And with us striving to cover more genres soon, this platform shall be the only news source you should follow to be well-informed.