May 22, 2024
Indian Animal Welfare Board Asks Public to Celebrate Feb 14 as a 'Cow Hug Day'

Indian Animal Welfare Board Asks Public to Celebrate Feb 14 as a ‘Cow Hug Day’

On the eve of February 14th, the Animal Welfare Board of India appealed to its native citizens to celebrate the day as Cow Hug Day!

Referring to cows with several local names, the board explained the benefits of breeding a cow while also criticizing the western culture taking over India’s Vedic traditions.

Hugging a Cow February 14th

The Animal Welfare Board of India, representing the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying, asks the nationals to practice cow hugging on February 14th.

The concerned date is when most of the world celebrates valentine’s day and cherishes the moments with their partners. But, to avoid such western practices, the Indian Animal Welfare Board suggests a new alternative.

“In view of the immense benefit of the cow, hugging with cow will bring emotional richness and hence will increase our individual & collective happiness.”

Referring to cows as “Kamdhenu” and “Gaumata”, the board calls cow the backbone of Indian culture and rural economy, and it sustains our life and represents cattle wealth and biodiversity. Further, “It is because of its nourishing nature like mother, the giver of all providing riches to humanity.”

Well, saying that western civilization has made Indian physical culture and heritage almost forgotten, the appeal cites vedic traditions being on the verge of extinction due to the progress of western culture over time!

Thus, all cow lovers were asked to celebrate this 14th of February as a Cow Hug Day to make your life happy and full of positive energy!

While some criticized this move, many others appreciated and said it’s just “getting back to roots“; thus, no wonder. If you’re still intrigued, cow cuddling isn’t a new thing! People in several western countries have been cuddling cows to cure their loneliness, which even increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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