May 22, 2024
Kantara's Original Varaha Roopam Song to be Reinstated in OTTs

Kantara’s Original Varaha Roopam Song to be Reinstated in OTTs

The popular movie Kantara was released on Amazon Prime yesterday after its grand success on big screens across the country. However, the famous song in the movie that catches the soul of the climax – Varaha Roopam has been modified to the disappointment of the audience. The viewers have complained that the original version of the song in the movie is varied in the OTT platform’s version.

And it’s because a band named Thaikudam Bridge complained that the movie song ‘Varaharoopam‘ has similar references to their song ‘Navarasam‘, which was released 5 years ago. The band had taken to court, claiming that the producers of the film had resorted to plagiarism. They lodged a complaint in the District and sessions court in Kozhikode and Palakkad. After listening to their argument, the court issued an order in favor of the band, claiming copyright infringement.

After the judgment, Amazon Prime removed the original version of the song and uploaded another version of it in the OTT release. Audiences have complained about the lack of original experience in the modified version of the song after its release. This led the film producers – Hombale Films to seek clearance of the row in the Kerala High court, where they argued that there is no copyright infringement in the creation of the song. The Kerala high court has dismissed the claims of the sessions court after considering the plea made by the producers.

Many people who watched the movie in OTT have expressed their disappointment in the modification of the song and complained that the movie now lacks soul without the original song. They started sharing memes on Twitter relating to the content. Well, even after the clearance from the Kerala High court, it is highly unlikely that the original song will be added to the film because the Palakkad court has ordered an interim injunction.

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