April 11, 2024
UP Teacher Innovatively Mimics KBC to Educate Kids

UP Teacher Innovatively Mimics KBC to Educate Kids

A teacher from Uttar Pradesh’s Maharajgunj district school has become famous on the internet for his innovative teaching strategies in the classroom. And it’s because the teacher -named Javed – conducts a quiz for his students mimicking the popular T. V. Show Kaun Banega Crorepati.

He dresses up as Amitab Bachchan and hosts his famous classroom show “Kaun Banega Sakedatpati“. He sits in front of a cardboard computer and imitates the mannerism of Bachan to keep his students interested in the teaching. The teacher calls up one of his students to the table while others act as audience and ask them quiz questions related to the subject. He also allows the students to take a helpline from their friends, just like in the popular show.

In a country where government schools are known for poor infrastructure and low standards of teaching, this video comes up as refreshed perspective of how a teacher can generate interest in a classroom with available resources and take cues from students’ interests. Many people on Twitter praised the teacher for bringing innovative teaching to the classroom.


However, it is not the first time a teacher is famous for taking cues from the popular tv show KBC and using it as a teaching tool in the classroom. In 2018, a government school teacher made headlines for turning teaching into a fun activity by conducting classroom quizzes in KBC style too.

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