December 2, 2022
Why Twitterati Calls to Ban Drishti IAS? What Exactly Happened?

Why Twitterati Calls to Ban Drishti IAS? What Exactly Happened?

Drishti IAS managing director and teacher Vikas Divyakriti is under flak from Twitterati after his teaching video of a Sanskrit text circulated across social media. In the video, Vikas was seen to be teaching a class of students giving an example of a Sanskrit text and explaining the author’s perspective of Ramayan.

Mr. Vikas quoted the lines of the author and talks about how authors can convey their opinions in the form of characters. While narrating the scene of the meeting between Ram and Seeta after the war, the author constructs a dialogue between Ram and Sita where Ram says I have won the war for the sake of my clan and not for you. The author later makes an outrageous comparison of Seeta with a pail of ghee contaminated by a dog. After narrating the author’s words, Vikas goes on to explain feminists’ perspectives on critiquing books.

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Some people have posted the narration part of the video on Twitter and called people to ban Dhrsiti IAS as it promotes Hindu phobia. Some of the students of Drishti IAS posted a long video of the class and asked people not to spread fake news by taking just a snippet of the entire video.

Soon after the debate began on Twitter, a few people posted the previous videos of Vikas’ lectures and said that the coaching center had been slowly brainwashing its students against Hindu scriptures. Hindu associations expressed rage on Twitter saying that this is a deliberate attempt to distort facts and pollute young minds. Vikas is labeled as a Hinduphobic and has connections with political parties, though he came up defending them.

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