April 11, 2024
Hyderabad Student Beaten and Forced to Chant Allah-hu-Akbar

Hyderabad Student Beaten and Forced to Chant Allah-hu-Akbar

As per the reports, a student named Himank Bhansal of Hyderabad’s IFHE  college was badly beaten by a mob and forced to chant Allah-hu- Akbar in his hostel room. The incident came to light lately after the video surfaced on the internet. The victim Himank Bansal was a BBA-LLB student at ICFAI foundation of Higher Education. In the recorded video, Himank was seen to be visibly terrified and slapped by a man. There were many people present in the video who seemed to threaten a pleading Himank.

Himank later filed a complaint with the police reporting the incident. According to his complaint, he and his friend Dipasha Sharma a first-year student at the same college, have been chatting privately. When Ms. Sharma labeled him as a pedophile for being friends with a girl who was three and a half years younger than him, he defended himself by saying that he did want to be physical with her and gave the example of Prophet Muhammed having sex with a nine-year-old girl. Dipasha later posted the screenshot of his statements on The Prophet on Instagram.

Looking at the post, around 15 to 20 men barged into Himank’s room and started to beat him with a leather belt, injured his right eye, and repeatedly kicked him in the stomach and groin region. They gave him death threats and commanded him to take down his pants. When Himank resisted the assault, they surrounded him and beat him more. In his statement to the police, Himank mentioned some names of people who have abetted the assault.

Himank submitted video and photo evidence of the assault to the police. The police registered a case on November 11 under provisions 307, 342, 450, 323, 506, R/W 149, IPC, and Sec 4(I),(II), and (III) of the Prohibition of Ragging Act of 2011. After the incident came to light, the authorities of the institute have also taken action.

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