April 16, 2024
CMC Vellore Ragging Acts Get 7 Students Suspended

Cruel Ragging at CMC Vellore Gets 7 Students Suspended

In what is described as a horrific situation, a freshman from the Christian Medical College, Vellore, has shared a sickening story with us today. Securing his original identity, the student stated several shocking incidents on how their freshmen batch was ragged by seniors at the Men’s Hostel of CMC Vellore. Read below to know;

Hitting on Testicles and Twisting Nipples!

The victimized student started off by saying that their entire batch of junior students was physically abused in multiple ways over the course of a month since their joining! Some of these include “hitting the testicles of students with any object, including one’s hands, hockey sticks, glass bottles, any stick,” and “squeezing and pinching the nipples of the students to inflict severe pain, often until the point of severe injury such as bleeding.”

Further, junior students were taken to the hostel’s top floor and suspended upside down by holding their legs up. Further, slapping for minor reasons and beating them directly are other incidents he mentioned. At times, the juniors were asked to strip naked by seniors, with only underwear left on them, and in many cases going fully naked “with only a cardboard piece covering our genitals and we are paraded around.”

Unreasonable Mess Rules

The victim reported that the mess at CMC Vellore’s Men’s Hostel has several rules to be followed by freshers. Some of these include greeting the seniors individually every time they enter the mess, seeking permission to start having their meals and leaving when done!

The mess tables are categorized as High table (for final years only), Senior table, and Common table (for all seniors) – where freshers are allowed to be seated only with seniors’ permission.  Additionally, “we’re asked to memorize the full names, origin districts, and the batch details of our seniors,” he said, and being abused verbally and physically if they fail to learn. Often, juniors were “kept for several hours at the will of the seniors, even if we have exams or activities the next day.”

Juniors were forced to come clean-shaven all the time and especially when entering the mess. While this seemed reasonable, the victim claims their college hasn’t instructed them of any such rules, and this was something that’s enforced purely by their seniors.

Well, what’s even more shocking of all was the below one that happened at the CMC Vellore’s men’s hostel!

Semi-Naked Ragging Ceremony

Held on 9th October 2022 at the Junior Men’s Hostel, juniors were asked to strip their clothes except for underwear and exhibit their bodies on a stage – in the direct presence of hostel wardens and some doctors acting as judges!

This event was “organized by the Sports Secretary, under the guidance of the seniors and Governing Body,” claims the student victim. He further noted that students’ “consent is not freely obtained,” in this case, and most of them were forced to participate.

Right after this, the wardens left the hostel premises – with the assumption that they knew the following incident – a semi-naked walking race – was going to be conducted. On the afternoon of the same day, the participating students were “paraded around the paved road running around the hostel in our underwear, and forced to perform multiple acts,” which included;

  • Being forced to lie down on the mud and pretend as if we were having sex with the ground.
  • Being forced to hold a bottle and pretend as if we were masturbating.
  • Having dirty water thrown at us by the seniors on our bodies.
  • Having eggs thrown and broken on our bodies.
  • Being buzzed and tuned while performing the walking race.
  • Being made to mimic and perform sexual acts with other batch mates.
  • Being made to roll over in muddy puddles and spraying water from the fire hydrant against them.

Regardless of the heavy rain, juniors were made to run around in their underwear throughout the hostel campus. Taking more advantage of the situation, the seniors have physically abused the juniors in dark rooms where CCTV isn’t available. The victim termed this as the following;

Terminal Ragging Program

Held on 5th November 2022, at 7 PM, juniors were taken into dark rooms with blindfolds and were physically abused in various acts, which included hitting on testicles, twisting and pinching the nipples, stripping them naked, and hitting with various objects, yet again.

They were also forced to perform “various sexual acts on our batchmates or mimic them. This was done to each one of us, and we were sent in groups of 3 or 4.” He further said that “different people went to different rooms and got different treatment.” And at last, they all were asked to shout, “Hail Men’s Hostel!” The victim claimed that the staff was aware of all these harassment activities by seniors, yet they kept quiet. This ended by making the juniors parade around the corridors shouting, “Eureka, we are seniors now.”

“This is the practice of intensifying the regular ragging practices and adding additional things, just before the joining of the next batch of students, so that we become qualified and equipped to rag the new batch.”

All the juniors who go through this harassment throughout the year were given the next senior rights, so they could start acting the same against their next batch of juniors. Seniors call these practices the “Men’s Hostel Way” and were asked to be greeted in absurd ways every time, he claimed. Lastly, he talked about the HOSTEL SONGS that “are filled with vulgar language and objectification of women.”

Juniors were taught them by seniors, with some asking to “procure the book containing these songs from the General Secretary of Men’s Hostel Union”. The student victim has reported all these incidents to the institution’s principal via an anonymous complaint, which triggered the suspension of seven senior students on Tuesday, as reported by the Times of India.

The suspension was based on the preliminary inquiry by a committee, says the CMC principal Dr. Solomon Sathishkumar. While students are demanding action against more seniors and staff, the officials of Tamil Nadu’s Dr. MGR Medical University said the anti-ragging cell in Delhi had also received a complaint.

“In response to a communication from the cell, CMC has responded saying they were looking into the matter. We are waiting for the college to give us a detailed report.”

We’re archiving this article and other posts and tweets related to this incident for future purposes. You better save them (1, 2, 3) for accessing later if we are forced to take down this story – written with direct inputs from the student victim.

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