May 21, 2024
Delhi Govt Considers Shutting Down Schools Due to Rising Pollution

Delhi Govt Considers Shutting Down Schools Due to Rising Pollution

The pollution levels in Delhi have raised alarms once again amid winter fog and post-Diwali celebration. The Air Quality Index meter read close to 400 on Wednesday hinting at severe alarm. Parents are worried about their children’s health as air pollution affects children severely. The government has also been thinking the same after the drop of AQI. It has ordered all the construction works across the city to stop for a while. The work can resume after air quality gets better in the city.

School children can get affected by severe pollution fog, and it leads to pulmonary diseases at a very young age if they are frequently exposed to it. Parents urged government officials to allow schools to conduct online classes for students. Officials, too, are planning to go for online classes if the AQI drops to 450. The government urged employees to opt for work from home to be safe.

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai asked the citizens not to venture out much and refrain from burning firecrackers. He asked citizens to go out in shared vehicles or public transport as 50% of air pollution is caused by vehicle emissions in the capital city. “We have to reduce our share of pollution. We have to do everything we can. We cannot sit idle waiting for others to act,” the minister said.

The government is planning to implement a Graded Response Action Plan(GRAP) which is a set of anti-air pollution measures whenever the severity increases.

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