April 11, 2024
South Korea Declared National Mourning on Seoul's Halloween Stampede Event

South Korea Declared National Mourning on Seoul’s Halloween Stampede Event

Around 151 people died, and 150 were suspected to be injured in a stampede that happened in Seoul. Most of the deaths were caused due to cardiac arrest as thousands of people surged the narrow streets of the Capital city, Seoul, during the celebration of Halloween in the famous Itaewon area. The celebration turned out to be deadly for visitors due to the heavy stampede, similar to Indonesia’s stampede at a football ground. As a result, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has declared a National mourning.


According to reports, Itaewon is a famous area for Halloween celebrations in the country. Many people visit the place to have a look at the celebrations. Tourists also visit the place during the Halloween season. There have been many tourists during the stampede. They belong to countries of Iran, China, Uzbekistan, and Norway.

As soon as the incident happened, the local policemen rushed to the scene, and around 140 ambulances rushed to the scene to take the victims to the hospital. The President urged the nearest hospitals and first aid centers to accommodate the patients and admit them based on emergency and provide treatment. He also asked the police to carry on an investigation and find out the reason for the crushing.

The President said that In the center of Seoul, a tragedy and disaster occurred that should not have happened; the government will designate the period from today until the accident is brought under control as a period of national mourning and will place top priority on administrative affairs in recovery and follow-up measures.

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