April 10, 2024
Pakistan Election Board Banned Imran Khan From Politics, Here's Why

Pakistan Election Board Banned Imran Khan From Politics, Here’s Why

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan was declared disqualified by the election board for five years on the charges of non-co-operation with the board. He didn’t submit the total details of his assets and misappropriated them. The board alleged that he has sold out some of the valuable gifts given by leaders of various nations during his official visits as a Prime Minister and didn’t mention them with bills.


Pakistan’s Government has a special department named ‘Toshakhana‘ dedicated to taking care of valuable gifts received from various countries. The gifts are available at the display for the public. Nobody holds the authority to sell or exchange them. However, some gifts which are less valuable and do not hold much value can be sold through proper procedure and can be exchanged for even lower value with discounts.

The probe into the matter began when the country’s coalition government complained about Mr. Khan in August for not sharing the details of the gifts he had sold while holding an official post. Following the allegations, the Election Board barred him from contesting in any form of political elections for five years. Khan’s lawyer has challenged the decision in the Islamabad High court.

Imran Khan’s party, Tehreek -e – Insaf, has condemned the move taken by the board, and the party supporters have called out the people of Pakistan to take peaceful protests across the country against the decision. Kahn’s close aide Fawad Chowdary said, “We don’t accept this decision. The people of Pakistan won’t accept this.”

A few months back, Imran Khan was removed from his official post as he has been battling corruption charges against him. These charges have once again come to light after recent accusations.

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