April 10, 2024
McDonald's Halloween Boo Pails Pricing and Availability

McDonald’s Halloween Boo Pails: Pricing and Availability

It’s that time of the year again where we roam in scary costumes to prank our friends and family – Halloween! And if you are still not excited, here’s some good news to make your taste buds tickle. McDonald’s is back with our favorite Halloween rendition for the year 2022.

The Halloween season calls for all the spooky vibes and is in for surprises all over. McDonald’s brings us its signature Boo buckets with various meal combos and Happy meal packages.

What’s hiding in the bucket?

Well, this year, it’s not buckets but pails, and they come in three different variants –  white ghost, orange pumpkin, and green goblin. It includes a hamburger, cheeseburger, or nuggets, 2 sides, French fries, as well as apple slices and free barbecue sauce dips which come free with every happy meal.

And yeah! Did we mention that McDonald’s launched adult meals just before the season for adults who still can’t get over the habit of checking their meals box for cute surprises yet? Cool, you can find a treat lurking in the meal box. There’s no choice for a trick here, mate!

The Price

The prices of various combos and meals vary across the food outlets. But the average price ranges from $5 to $7 for meals. The kid’s meals range from $5, and the adult meal comes for $7. Taxes are levied according to the meal options and additions like nuggets and milk or juice choices. Almost all burgers cost the same price.

McD’s’ launched its first Halloween bucket in 1986 and continued the tradition till 2016. It brought back the bucket after much anticipation from the customers. Apart from McD’s’ many other food chains like Burger King and KFC have launched their menu editions of Halloween.

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