May 23, 2024
7-Month-Old Boy Died of a Dog Attack in Noida, India

7-Month-Old Boy Died of a Dog Attack in Noida, India

In a shocking incident, a seven months boy was wounded by a stray dog in Noida. The boy was left alone in a society building while his parents were working in the same society. He was bitten by the dog and rushed to the hospital immediately, where he died! He has received several bites and scratches on his body.

The incident happened yesterday at 4.30 PM at the Lotus Boulevard apartments in Sector 100, Noida. The parents of the boy are construction workers and were working at the society building when the incident happened. They left the baby unattended but close enough to have a look at him and attend to his needs. After the attack, they heard the baby scream and rushed to the spot.

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They immediately moved the boy, who was covered with severe injuries, to the hospital. Doctors said that the boy was mauled seriously and put him under observation. The boy succumbed to his injuries early today morning.

The angry residents of sector 100 staged a protest against the corporation for negligence. They have already submitted several complaints to the civic bodies about the street dog menace, but these went unattended.

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Upon consulting the civic bodies about the incident, they said that dog catchers had come to vaccinate the stray dogs and catch them, but the locals chased them away. On the other hand, there have been many cases of dog menace in the city, and locals see demanding that civic bodies sterile the dogs and get rid of them.

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