May 17, 2024
AP Police Arrested Over 100 Supporters of Pawan Kalyan-led JSP

AP Police Arrested Over 100 Supporters of Pawan Kalyan-led JSP

Actor and Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan paid a visit to Vizag as part of a 3-day schedule to address the grievances of local people on Saturday night. Fans and party members thronged to the airport to receive their leader. However, an unexpected number of people turned up to receive the star, and it ended in heavy traffic jams and an unplanned roadshow.

Some of the party members hurled stones at the vehicles of YSRCP MLAs R.K. Roja and Jogi Ramesh, who were about to board a flight at the airport after attending a rally. The leaders had finished up attending the ‘Visakha Garjana’ rally on Saturday morning, which was organized by the Uttarandhra Non-political Joint Action Committee (JAC)  in support of three capital decisions made by YSRCP. The rally became a huge success despite being delayed and heavy rainfall.

The YCP leaders took a jig at Pawan Kalyan, who was about to visit Vizag the same evening. A YSRCP MLA called out people to boycott TDP and JSP, whereas the MLA R. K. Roja from the same party commented;

“Pawan Kalyan wants to marry a girl from Visakhapatnam, wants his movies to be shot and released in Visakhapatnam, and wants to learn acting in Visakhapatnam, but does not agree to make Visakhapatnam the Executive capital.”

These moves infuriated fans and caused a brawl at the airport that night. It took 4 hours for Pawan Kalyan’s convoy to reach Novotel. He has planned to meet people in the ‘Janavani‘ program and address their grievances. The unexpected event at the airport resulted in the arrest of several people. JSP’s Janavani program is to be postponed due to a protest by YSRCP leaders.

Many JSP supporters have been arrested by AP police on charges of creating a public nuisance. JSP leaders (around 15 members) who have approached the police to seek permission to organize Janavani, had more than 300 cases registered on them and were arrested! Janasainik took to Twitter to post the situation in Vizag and appealed to Prime Minister to save democracy in Andhra Pradesh.

On the other hand, YSRCP leaders also took to Twitter and demanded Pawan Kalyan take responsibility for the riots at the airport and issue a public apology on behalf of his supporters.

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