May 23, 2024
After Wipro, Infosys Fired Employees for Working on Two Jobs

After Wipro, Infosys Fired Employees for Working on Two Jobs

A  month after Wipro caused ripples in the IT firm by sacking off 300 employees for moonlighting, Infosys did the same now!

The move is confirmed by Infosys CEO Salil Parekh shortly after the announcement of the company’s Q2 results. He said, “If we have found employees doing work in two different companies where there are confidentiality issues, we have let them go in the last twelve months.”

On declaring the Q2 results to the press, he said that the company hired around 40,000 freshers in the first half of the current financial year. The company has an accelerated profit scale of 12% by September.

However, the CEO stated that they would soon introduce a policy that allows its employees to work in other part-time jobs. There was a platform named ‘Accelerate’ that provided gigs for employees without compromising the security of the firm.

Moonlighting by IT employees has come into the discussion after the pandemic and ever since work from home. The move affected the performance of employees and led to a decrease in the income of companies. Experts predicted that the trend would slow down and reduce after employees are called back on board.

Many IT companies expressed their concern over moonlighting as it has got to the extent of employees working for competent companies secretly. Afraid of losing the best employees, some companies have allowed their employees to look for side jobs.

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