May 23, 2024
Indian Army Dog 'Zoom' Shot at J&K, Dies in Hospital

Indian Army Dog ‘Zoom’ Shot at J&K, Dies in Hospital

Indian army assault dog Zoom has been severely injured after being involved in a terrorist raid in Jammu Kashmir’s Anantnag district on October 10th. After rushing to treatment at the 54 AFVH (Advanced field veterinary hospital), Zoom was treated.

The dog was known to have taken two bullets from the terrorists, one in the head and the other in the right leg. Despite being injured, Zoom completed the mission assigned. After treatment, the canine was kept under observation for 2 days. Zoom could not survive and breathed its last around 12 PM as reported by Army officials.


There are several high-alert areas in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, and police were always active in identifying terrorists in and around the state. Recently, the police technology surveillance team recognized a terrorist house for which a mission was commissioned to neutralize them.

The Mission

Zoom (Belgian malinois) was trained to be an assault dog by the K9 unit. After the army forces have located the house, they have no info concerning terrorist manpower within the house. The two-year-old was sent in to retrieve the weapons from the terrorists and attack them while the forces surrounded the area, waiting to barge in. Zoom was spotted by terrorists and was shot right in the face, but they managed to survive until the mission was completed. The forces killed two terrorists, and Zoom was rushed to the army Veterinary hospital.

After surviving critical surgery, Zoom passed away at around 12 PM on October 13th, 2022. The canine had been showing signs of recovery until 11:45 when it started breathing heavily, gasped, and collapsed to death.

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