May 19, 2024
Minecraft Creator 'Dream' Finally Revealed His Face

Minecraft Creator ‘Dream’ Finally Revealed His Face

After a long wait of 10 years, Dream mentioned that he would finally do a face reveal in June 2022 in a tweet; and he finally did it on October 2. He tweeted his picture with the caption ‘Guess who.’ His best friends, who are also content creators, are present in the picture.

After looking at his post about his face reveal in June, many of his followers, subscribers, and community members have been anticipating the reveal. The idea of Dream was to build up more hype and keep the audience on edge. From June, viewership had increased to his posts and content.

The Dream is an online username for all his social media profiles bearing the picture of a man wearing a smiley mask. His original name is Clay. Two hours before his face reveal, Clay tweeted that he would be premiering his face over a live stream.

Around 1.3 million viewers watched the live stream when Clay took out his mask and revealed his face. Comments started pouring out as soon as he revealed himself. He also face-timed his online best friends in the live stream. Viewers were happy about the friends finally getting to know each other and meeting offline.

After the face reveals, Clay mentioned that his online friend GeorgeNotFound was flying to his place to meet him. Instead of hiding, he wanted to go kit and meet him. He also mentioned that, after years of hiding, he wanted to get out into the real world and meet content creators and be a person. 

Fans and subscribers theorized that he might do more In Real Life Content from now and might as well add his friends in the community and upcoming videos. They hoped that he might do face cam Minecraft videos hereafter.

Famous online content creators and YouTubers have poured out love reactions and tweeted over the face reveal. They shared their reactions online. Dream has been planning his reveal for a long time and dropping hints here and there in his tweets. In August 2022, he posted a picture of his locks wearing a Corpse beanie. He immediately deleted the picture, knowing that his online followers would take screenshots and share the picture anyway.

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