May 23, 2024
170+ People Killed in a Stampede at Football Stadium in Indonesia

170+ People Killed in a Stampede at Football Stadium in Indonesia

A disaster broke out in the Indonesian football stadium of Kanjurahan in East Java after the fans of two local football clubs raged against the home teams’ loss to opponents.

The fans were out of control as soon as the final whistle went off by the referee when the scorecard stood at (Persebaya Surabaya) 3-2 (Arema FC). The fans were unable to digest the defeat of the home team and were outraged erroneously onto the field, which caused the riot.

It was estimated that as many as 174 people succumbed to injuries like suffocation and organ damage, with victims as little as 5 years old, as reported by local police. The stampede further left more than 150 injured, besides property loss and damage to private and police cars in and around the venue.

The police had to open tear gas as soon as the crowd rushed into the center of the field, which startled all the spectators to run away. Hundreds of them happened to reach exits at once and trample each other in order to get out. Several ministers and the Football regulating authority of Indonesia expressed their concern on the issue as Indonesia is aspiring to host the upcoming Asia Cup. Indonesia is already bidding to be the host of Asia Cup 2023 after China’s retreat.

It was noticed that the stadium was overcrowded by more than 4000 people with legally issued tickets above the stadium’s actual holding audience capacity, which made the situation more displeasing.

The Indonesian football board was directed to cancel all the upcoming fixtures until a thorough investigation is completed. Police are advised to carry crowd-controlling gas and other necessary equipment forward to control any further damages in public events.

Football Is a famous sport in Indonesia, but enthusiasm always pays the price. There are several events in Indonesian football history featuring riots, rough police handling, and fan agitation.

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