May 19, 2024
Rape Accused in Hyderabad Jubilee Hills Case to Face Trial as Adults

Rape Accused in Hyderabad Jubilee Hills Case to Face Trial as Adults

After the efforts of police to pass all the accused men in the jubilee hills rape case, the room had been cleared to pass them as adults except for MLA’s son, who was involved in molesting the 17-year-old girl. The other 5 accused have been convicted of raping the girl. The move is taken after they are studied by the psychologist. Among the accused 6, one person named Saduddin Malik is an adult who is 18, and the rest five are around 16 and 17 years of age.

However, a petition had been filed regarding whether considering them as juveniles and producing them in the juvenile court is right after they have committed the heinous crime consciously. They are totally aware of the situation and in sound mind while raping the teenage victim.

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Well, Hyderabad’s fifth additional chief metropolitan magistrate-cum-principal magistrate of the juvenile Justice Board (JJB), Radhika Gavvala, said that the accused were not under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants. They were totally aware of the consequences of the act they had committed.

Ms. Radhika and a professor of Psychology from the Institute of Mental Health, Hyderabad, have talked to the accused separately and observed their behavior and mental capabilities. They seemed to be of sound health and have the intelligence of a normal age group.

Accordingly, the psychologist questioned them on various aspects of their life and lifestyle. They all belong to well-to-do families and have no traumatic experiences from their past. The report of the psychologist, which was produced in front of the magistrate on Wednesday, stated that “the boys have both physical and mental ability to commit the crime.”

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Considering these circumstances, the board decided to pass the juveniles as adults. The fifth minor and the son of the ruling party MLA will be passed as a juvenile in front of the court since he is accused of only molestation and not rape.

The case has been a national sensation since the accused are minors. On May 28, earlier this year, a group of teenagers lured a teenage girl from the Insomnia pub in Hyderabad under the false pretext of dropping her back at home. They took turns while raping her in their Innova car at an isolated place. They later dropped the girl back at the pub and left the place. The victim approached a nearby police station and complained against them.

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