May 17, 2024
Ukraine Posted a Soldier's picture Before and After the Russian Captivity

Ukraine Posted a Soldier’s picture Before and After the Russian Captivity

The Defence Ministry of Ukraine today posted a photo of a Ukrainian soldier who was one of the luckiest ones to make it out alive in Russian captivity. He is Mykhailo Dianov and was posted in the Ukrainian army, fighting to defend his land. He was detained by the Russian army along with a few other Ukrainian soldiers when they were defending Azovstal steel works in Mariupol earlier this year.

He was released with 205 other Ukrainian prisoners of war by Russia on Wednesday. He is under medical care in Kyiv Military Hospital and needs long-term medication and surgery. His body is covered in scars and bruises. His right arm is crooked and was operated on with rusty pliers to take out the shrapnel in his arms from the Russians. He has lost 4cm of bone in his arm due to mistreatment.

Military doctors stated that he couldn’t be treated and operated on just yet because he needed to recover from the trauma and gain a healthy amount of weight. It is crucial for the operation. He seems to be malnourished, and wounds on his body have to heal. He is out in long-term observation and taken care of in the hospital.

His family members stated that despite the trauma, he is happy to be free now and said that “He could walk and breathe clean, free air.” They confirmed that he is mentally strong enough and is showing signs of recovery. His daughter started a fundraiser for soldiers’ treatment and rehabilitation. Many people started to donate to the platform.

Defense Ministery of Ukraine tweeted: “This is how Russia adhered to Geneva conventions, this is how Russia continues the shameful legacy of Nazism.” while the war between Russia and Ukraine is ongoing, many people have lost their lives to bombshells, and their are speculations about Putin planning to drop a nuclear bomb on Ukraine. Leaders of various nations have called out Putin and requested him to stop the war and make way for world peace.

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