May 18, 2024
MS Dhoni's Special Interview is All About Oreo Biscuts Relaunch in India

MS Dhoni’s Special Interview is All About Oreo Biscuits Relaunch in India

The most awaited announcement from MS Dhoni has turned into a product relaunch – specifically the Oreo biscuits – which he announced again in the Indian market.

This settled the tensions of fans who had mixed reviews since last night after seeing the post and assumed it to be related to his retirement. MS Dhoni is currently serving as the captain of Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League and is associated with several other businesses and brands.

MS Dhoni Relaunched Oreo Biscuits in India

Yesterday, MS Dhoni shared a post on his Facebook saying that he had an important announcement to make today – without mentioning what about. While we anticipated it to be something related to his cricketing career, he did otherwise!

MS Dhoni, in association with Oreo India, has relaunched the biscuits in India. The premium cookie brand entered India initially in 2011, offering a sandwich cookie consisting of two wafers with a sweet creme filling in between.

Coming in several price segments (from Rs.10 to Rs.30, and even family packs of Rs.200+), Oreo biscuits are often regarded as gifts and special occasions rather than regular consumption.

And now, with MS Dhoni’s backing, this biscuit may see a great push into the Indian community.

In reply to a reporter’s question, “Oreo is already available in India“, MS Dhoni said, “Oreo hame cup jeeta sakte hai” translating to Oreo can win us the cup – referring to the upcoming T20I world up scheduled in Australia, next month.

Several countries are participating in the T20I world cup, including India, who enter the league as favorites to many. So we shall see how deep this support can be to help India win the world cup – as the last one has been over 11 years ago.

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