September 27, 2023
Army Soldier Convicted in Chandigarh University Video Leak Case

Army Soldier Convicted in Chandigarh University Video Leak Case

Sanjeev Singh, an army man, is arrested by police on Saturday under sections of the IPC and IT act. The accused is suspected of having blackmailed a student of Chandigarh University who had recorded a sensitive video of the same hostel. Assam and Arunachal Pradesh police helped the Punjab police in arresting the suspect.

The police have started to investigate the prime suspect who recorded the video and sent it to her boyfriend in Himachal Pradesh. Taking cues from the confession of the accused, the police arrested her boyfriend and another person from Himachal Pradesh involved in circulating the video online. They seized their electronic devices in the following arrest.

In yet a recent investigation, the accused mentioned that an army officer from Arunachal Pradesh had blackmailed her into sending the leaked video. The police then contacted the army officials about the whereabouts of the accused man. He was posted in Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh, then.

Punjab Director General of Police, Gaurav Yadav, has stated that the police had to acquire a two-day transit remand for the accused from the chief judicial magistrate. He shall be produced in the Mohali court later. He expressed gratitude towards Assam, Arunachal Pradesh police, and army officials who helped the Punjab police in operation.

An all-women special investigation team headed by Rupinder Kaur and DSP Deepika Singh will probe into the case hereafter.

On the other hand, there have been widespread protests at Chandigarh University after an objectionable video of several female students in the common washroom of a girl’s hostel inside the campus came into the limelight. The administration of the university has been trying to calm down the protests and assured students that their safety is their priority. The university staff stated that they had dismissed two wardens for negligence and the female student after the accusation. Meanwhile, Netizens have become vigilant and urged people not to circulate the alleged videos online on the grounds of ethical responsibility.

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