May 17, 2024
Ankita Bhandari's Body Recovered from the Rishikesh Barrage

Ankita Bhandari’s Body Recovered from the Rishikesh Barrage

After a long search by the diving team, Ankita Bhandari’s body was recovered from the Chilla barrage in Rishikesh. The search was taken up by State Disaster Response Force(SDRF) after one of the abettors, Pulkit Arya, confessed to the police. The parents of the victim were informed in the morning when they identified the body to be Ankita’s. This action was triggered after Chief minister of state Pushkar Singh Dami ordered probing into the murder by SIT team.

The police have taken the accused Pulkit Arya, Ankit, and Saurabh into custody after suspecting them on Friday. In the investigation procedure, Pulkit, owner of Yamkeshwar Vidhan Sabha’s Ganga Bhoj resort, where Ms. Ankita worked as a receptionist, confessed to the crime.

According to his confession, Ankita joined as a receptionist in his resort on August 28. She was asked to offer ‘personal services to the clients of the resort. She refused the demands and complained to the staff about Pulkit’s behavior.

On September 18, Pulkit, along with his friends have taken Anikta to Rishikesh on their bike. She was told they would be resolving the issue by talking it over. After reaching Rishikesh, Pulkit confronted Ankita on why she had informed the resort staff about his demands. Both of them got into an argument when Ankita threw Pulkit’s phone into the river. Angered by this, Pulkit threw Ankita into the barrage from the cliff in a fit of rage.

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After the incident, the accused members returned to the resort and feigned ignorance. They asked the staff about the whereabouts of Ankita when the staff informed them about her missing from work. They even called the revenue police to inform them about her missing, to avoid suspicion from staff.

The murder came to light when the victim’s parents complained to the police station about her being missing for five days. They took the information about the feud from resort staff and reported the names of the accused to the police. The police then arrested Pulkit Arya, son of former state minister Vinod Arya along with his friends for abetting the crime.

Further, the BJP has expelled the minister Vinod Arya with immediate effect, citing their allegation in the Ankita Bhandari case. Further, Ankit Arya has been relieved by the Uttarakhand government from the post of Deputy Chairman of the Uttarakhand Other Backward Classes Commission.

The Government has ordered the demolition of the resort and suspended patwari and the revenue police, who didn’t register a missing case. Chief Minister said that the strictest action would be taken against the accused who has committed the heinous crime. He said that a Special Investigation Team headed by DIG Renuka Devi had been formed to investigate the murder.

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