May 27, 2024
Best Budget Makeup Kits of 2022

Best Budget Makeup Kits of 2022

Prepping up for a date or a college event? Worried about pesky pimple spots, dullness, and pigmentation? Are the last-minute DIYs not helping your skin get that natural glow on your face? Worry not! Makeup is here to get you covered.

Makeup has been an essential part of women’s beauty routines for ages. It has become a part of our skincare and bestie in hard times. Getting to know about trends in make-up and products which are in vogue is our favorite pastime. Shopping for good makeup is no less than therapy. Whether it is shopping for a foundation for clear skin, a dramatic eye makeup kit, or a never-ending list of lipsticks, we all love the process.

In this article, we bring to you the best budget-friendly makeup kits that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Check out below;

Lakme Glam all-day value set

Prices at Rs1500, this kit is an absolute must-have for all college-going girls and beginners in makeup. It comes with a highlighter, lake signature mascara, and long-lasting eyeliner. We are not yet done, girl; it also comes with two mini lipsticks. You can choose the shades from options that cater to all skin tones. All these products come to you packed in a cute tassel pouch for free!

Maybelline NY makeup kit

This humble makeup kit got all your face makeup covered in one go. It has foundation, lipstick, and a colossal eyeliner. Covering your eyes, skin, and lips, it is here to brighten up your day. It is mostly on offers and is readily available on all retailing websites.

Blue Heaven festive makeup kit

This Blue Heaven kit comes with 10 varied. Products to give your skin a perfect makeup finish. It includes The Blue Heaven all-in-one make-up kit comprising of Flawless Makeup Base Primer, Long Lasting Makeup Fixer, High Coverage Foundation- 2 Vibrant Lip Colors, and a free beauty blender. The brand offers kits for various skin tones and can be customized. You can’t get a better deal than this.

The Body Shop shimmer waves eye pallet

If you are someone who experiments with eye makeup, the Body Shop offers a vegan-friendly eye pallet for exclusively Indian skin tones. How cool is that! The palette comes with around 15 colors, all of them in shimmer shades, adding drama to your eyes. What are you waiting for? Let your eyes do the talking now.

Insight Cosmetics makeup kit

Insight cosmetics is growing popular every day. Talk about the best budget beauty products that offer the best performance; insight stands the best on the list. It offers products at a reasonable price and is already popular among college girls. This makeup kit provides an all-in-one primer to cover your base and a powder to finish up.

You may find all the above products online by doing a simple search on Google or in the respective brand’s stores.

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