May 23, 2024
Beginner's Guide to Flawless Make-up

Beginner’s Guide to Flawless Make-up

Whether you are a teenager trying to figure out good makeup trends or an absolute amateur in the makeup world, fear not! We have the best guidelines and tips from expert Makeup Artists and dermatologists to help you get that perfect finish.

Before we hop on the guide, let us get our basics right. First things first! Proper knowledge about makeup is as important as the foundation of makeup. Good makeup begins with understanding your skin. Know your skin type and take proper care of it. Preparing your skin for makeup is key to getting a flawless base. Use a proper face wash that deals with your skin issues. If you have oily skin, opt for a gentle face wash that only strips excess oil from your skin. For dry skin, people should moisturize their face wash. For those with combination and sensitive skin, it is better to opt for a mild face wash with fewer chemicals. Using a facemask will give extra results and maintains a natural glow on the skin.

Now that we prepped our skin, it is time to boost the skin;

Moisturising is the key

Whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, moisturizing is a step you cannot skip. Moisturizing skin makes it smooth and sets the makeup in place. Dry-skin people should use creamy moisturizers, while oily-skin people should go for gel-based moisturizers. Sensitive skin people should use calming moisturizers, while combination skin people can opt for gel and cream-based moisturizers depending on the season.

Set the primer

Primers are used to set the base and create visibly smooth and even skin which is essential for the base. It avoids cakey makeup and creates a clean effect. There are different types of primers in the market concerning each skin issue. Silicon-based primers fill out open pores, matte primers balance excess oil on oily skin and illuminate primer adds glow to dull skin.

Get the foundation shade right!

A proper foundation is essential to give a good base to your makeup. It shouldn’t be heavy or thick on your skin. A good foundation should immediately be besties for your skin. Choosing the right shade of foundation is essential. You can always try trail packs or get help from a cosmetic store to help you choose a good foundation that blends with your skin tone. There are two types of foundation based on skin type. Water-based foundations are good for oily, sensitive, and combination skin. Oil-based foundation can be used by dry skin people.

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Too real to conceal

A concealer hides the extra pigmentation in sensitive areas like under the eyes, ridges of nostrils, and along the nose. The places which need extra care to cover the pigmentation are where a concealer goes. You can also get creative with contouring your face shape and highlighting cheekbones with the careful use of concealer. After concealer, make sure to dab powder all over the face. It will give you a mattifying finish.

Iconic Eyes

Girl! Do we need to stress much on eyes when all the poets have talked enough of them? If you wish to be the talk of the town, get your eye makeup right. Use long-lasting kohl with waterproof eyeliner and mascara. While doing eye makeup, be sure to know the size of your eyes and enhance them with eyeliner and kohl accordingly. You can use fake lashes to give the impression of large eyes. Turn your brows and brush them with a transparent gel to put the hair in place.

Lip Bomb!

The curve of your lips rewrite history,” says Oscar Wilde. Lip balms can be your favorite friend, but to ace up the makeup look, you need lipstick. Choose the right shade of lipstick that suits your skin tone. To enhance the shape of your lips, add a lip liner to the border of your lips, and you are good to go!

After all, things are said, we would like you to remember some tips to maintain good skin for makeup. Do not skip your sunscreen; include it in your daily skincare. Get proper hydration and eat your daily portion of greens. Do not forget that glowing skin is always a good investment.

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