September 29, 2023
Top Private Law Colleges in India 2022

Top Private Law Colleges in India 2022

Interested in pursuing law but didn’t perform well in the entrance exams? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. A career in law demands perseverance from students. A lot of young people are choosing law studies these days to understand and question the existing laws and invent new ones if needed. Since it is a flexible choice, people who pursue any bachelor’s and master’s programs can opt for LLB.

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The course and guidelines for instruction in LLB are given by the Bar Council of India, and all colleges in India adhere to the guidelines. Many private law colleges offer extensive curriculum and internship options on par with national universities. The best of them are:

Symbiosis Law school, Pune

Talk about the best law college – SLS is the name you may hear the most. True to its name, it offers a wide range of curricula. Though it was associated with the University of Pune initially, it eventually became an independent law college with its own merits. It is also the first law college to provide evening law classes and a five-year law program. Its key features are:

  • Received a Gold star award from the Bar Council of India.
  • Ranked 3 in NIRF ranking.
  • Integrated legal courses.
  • Facilities like Moot court, ADR Centres, Centres of Excellence in IPR, Cyber Law, Forensic Science, and others will enrich their overall learning experience through practical instruction.
  • Value-added courses on EU Competition Law, EU Data Protection, and Privacy Law.

Check more here: Symbiosis Law school.

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Shiksha ‘O’ Anusandhan

Granted autonomy by the UGC, Shiksha O Anusandhan is deemed to be a university. It offers various courses, including engineering, dental, law, and agricultural services. Irrespective of a wide range of courses, it excels in every course and has made noteworthy efforts in improving education and students’ lives. Some of the key features of the university are:

  • Ranked 9 in NIRF ranking.
  • Moot courts and internship programs.
  • Best placements.
  • Experienced faculty.

Check more here: Shiksha ‘O’ Anusandhan.

Kalinga Institute of Information Technology

Located in Bhubaneswar, the institute is a priority specializing in IT and Engineering. The law programs offered by the institute have received immense popularity owing to the curriculum and teaching standards. The specialties of the institute are:

  • Ranked 11 in NIRF ranking.
  • Experienced faculty.
  • Collaboration with many leading international law education Consortiums, including the International Association of Law Schools, Washington, USA, and the Asia-Pacific Association of Law Schools, Australia.
  • Good Ph.D. programs.

Check more here: Kalinga Institute of Information Technology.

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Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar

LPU offers a wide range of courses. It is a renowned name among engineering students. It has started law courses and gradually improved to be the best school offering law courses in India. Key features of the law programs are:

  • Ranked 13 in NIRF ranking.
  • Special emphasis on case law techniques.
  • Software programs for legal instruction.
  • Innovative learning.
  • Practical instruction programs like internships and moot courts.

Check more here: Lovely Professional University.

Christ University, Banglore

The  Christ deemed to be a university is known for its academic success in Arts courses, and it is known to excel in law. With a mission to nurture individuals’ holistic development, it offers extensive coaching for students pursuing law. The specializations are:

  • Ranked 16 in NIRF ranking.
  • Incorporate a number of special opportunities such as internships, clinical programs, supervisory research, and writing.
  • Opportunity for students to attend summer internships in foreign universities.

Check more here: Christ University.

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