May 18, 2024
Budget GoPro Alternatives For Travel Vlogging

Budget GoPro Alternatives For Travel Vlogging

In the world of photographic memory, most people tend to record their regular experiences and crucial moments to reminisce about later. And what’s the best way to have a handy camera for capturing them on the go?

So here we present you the best action cameras – aimed at travelers who’re planning for wild tasks in their journey – to have their moments captured easily. And where ever you see, you’ll always see GoPro topping the charts on overall ranking – due to its durability, recording features, and best inbuilt audio support.

While all this makes it a pricy one to get, here’s something we’ve curated that may well suit your budget and offer similar features for your recording.

Note: We curated the list only with action cameras since they’re easy to handle in dynamic environments and also come with a lot of gears to hook them on various surfaces – making them even more, better than regular cameras. Here you go;

Budget GoPro Alternatives For Travel Vlogging

Akaso Brave 8

Akaso is one of the fairly known brands in the action camera space, which offers deep-budgeted products. And the Brave 8 is their latest offering, coming at half the price of GoPro Hero10 Black now.

With a 48MP and f/2.5 lens, the Akaso Brave 8 can shoot 4K videos upto 60fps and a 2.7k video upto 90fps. It comes with a 1550mAh battery and can be dipped upto 33ft under the water. It also has a super wide angle mode, in case you’re not satisfied with the regular wide angles.

A notable feature in Akaso cameras is the Human Voice Mode – a special setting that prioritizes taking more of the human’s voice in rather than the environmental noises. Also, Akaso is good at providing most of the necessary accessories you need for your vlogging, although it sells more separately.

Get it here: Akaso Brave 8.

Insta360 One RS

Insta360 has made its name for recording the best videos in 360°, with the ability to obscure the handler. And One RS 4K edition is one of the finest offerings from Insta360, which can record 4K at 60fps and 5.3K at 30fps. It’s got an average battery life – varying on the mode of recording – and an excellent app to let you edit your videos.

Well, if you want to record at 6K resolution and have more battery life, you can upgrade to the Insta360 One RS Twin Edition – that’s priced equivalent to GoPro Hero10 Black. Though it’s not good as Hero10 Black in terms of imaging, it has a 360-degree recording than any other action camera today – with two cameras aiding the recording.

Get it here: Insta360 One RS.

SJCAM SJ10PRO Dual Screen

SJCAM isn’t widely known, but it’s picking up the base lately, especially in the hard-budget camera space. It would be a fair daily driver – if you got no other intentions except for moto vlogging. Well, you can also use this for several underwater shots, but mind the extra vibrant colors it produces at times.

It’s got a 1.3″ HD display upfront to shoot selfie videos, a 6-Axis Gyro EIS to stabilize the content, and can record 4K at 30 FPS. Powering it up is a 1,300mAh that gives an ample 90+ minutes while recording in 4K and can stand up to 2 hours if recording in 1080p.

Further, it can be dipped upto 5 meters under the water without any case and upto 30 meters with case proofing. SJCAM SJ10PRO can be used for live-broadcast streaming too, and be posting its results on social media directly using the SJCAM Zone app.

Get it here: SJCAM SJ10PRO.

A Special Mention

DJI Action 2

Coming from the professional maker of drones – DJI, the Action 2 has an aperture of 1/1.7″ and is one of the best compact cameras out there. It comes in a 39x39mm square shape, with attachment availability for extra connectivity, battery life, and a vlogging screen. With a dual touchscreen interface and 16MP camera, it’s one of the close alternatives to GoPro Hero10 Black.

Some of the major drawbacks of DJI Action 2 include lacking 5K video recording support and being extremely limited with any mods. Yet, it’s worth trying if you’re vexed with GoPro and looking for something similar at the same price range and with competitive features.

Get it here: DJI Action 2.

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