May 20, 2024
Best and Free Stock Market Simulators For Aspiring Traders

Best and Free Stock Market Simulators For Aspiring Traders

Aspiring to be a stock market trader? Well, even if you’re someone who just wanted to know how markets and trading works, there’s nothing better than learning to do. But since this process involves betting your money strategically, you must step back and wait for the right moment to enter. And that’s completely unnecessary!

If you’re a finance student or an aspiring trader – be it stocks, commodities, or cryptocurrencies, there are a bunch of stock market simulation games out there to make you learn how the trading works. And the best thing – they’re absolutely free!

Here we’ve curated a handful of platforms to make you learn about trading for free. All these options give you a certain amount of virtual cash in your account, so you can start investing through your dummy portfolio. Here you go;

Investopedia Stock Market Simulator

This was the very first stock market simulation game I had played, mostly concentrating on US stocks. It offers trading over 6,000 equities from NYSE and the Nasdaq, and even options and futures.

And if you’re bored of playing by yourself, you can enter a trading game to compete with other players around the world. Compete for the top rank among hundreds of thousands of other like-minded investors, and boast your portfolio. Also, one of the best things about Investopedia is its database for learning. You get to learn every type of finance concept from Investopedia,  both in text and video formats, for free.

Check hereInvestopedia Stock Market Simulator

Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade

Next up is the Thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade, which is one of the best trading simulators of all time. All you need is your email address to open a virtual account to start trading. You get to play with not just the regular stocks but also the commodity options like gold, oil, and natural gas.

You can get customizable stock charts and paid trading to try out long/short strategies, and there are even scanners for stocks, currencies, options, and futures contracts.

All these are customizable to enhance your strategies and learn deeper. Though it got all the advanced tools and wider options, it’s a good recommendation for beginners.

Check hereThinkorswim 


Next up is the NinjaTrader – a simple trading platform with all the necessary features for live trading. It’s got the best interactive research and stock charting tools, where they let you place stop-loss or limit orders for a stock by pinpointing a location on its price chart. Also, it has the backtesting option to let players roll back the clock and trade during different time periods.

Check hereNinjaTrader 

MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange

Finally, we have MarketWatch’s Virtual Stock Exchange (VSE) Game that lets you trade stocks in real-time with the prices updated as per the real stock market in no time.

The best here is the ability to develop your own game for others and let them join to compete in. Set up a watch list and turn on the advanced features like limit and stop loss orders to start trading. You can even access the community forums and interact with other traders to learn from them. Apply strategies from skilled traders with diversified backgrounds and see how they’re working for you.

Check hereMarketWatch VSE


TradeStation’s simulator gets an outstanding star for its research tools, stock chart indicators, and access to the community forums – which diversify your knowledge regarding the stock market and investments.

Your technical strategies won’t work if you’re ignoring the market data. So that’s what TradeStation brings you for free. Also, it offers the ability to jump back and forth between real and paper trading on both desktop and mobile apps. A commercial account from TradeStation starts from $99 a month.

Check hereTradeStation 

A Special Mention

If you’re a teacher and want to make your students learn about trading, here’s a better way to do it – Student Stock Trader.

Here, Teachers can create a new game and pass the joining code to students – which they use to join the game to begin buying and selling stocks with their allotted virtual money. Teachers will have full control over the game, as they can track each student’s portfolio and the ability to reward or fine students accordingly. Students can play in groups or as individuals and top the charts among themselves. This game gets its stock information from the real-world outside and observes students on how they’re reacting to them through their investing plans.

Check here Student Stock Trader.

Hoping that our suggestions are helpful, make sure you make the right moves to gain profits. Remember, you’re not here to just play and exit, but to learn how the markets work and get tuned to them accordingly.

And once you’re confident that your strategies work, step into the real world with real cash, and start your actual trading. Make sure to know everything before you step out, as ignorance can be dangerous and pull you back harder in the market.

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