April 15, 2024

Female NEET Student in Kerala Forced to Remove Bra Before Exam

At the Marthoma Institute of Information Technology, Kerala, several female NEET students have complained that the security personnel have forced them to remove bras before entering the exam hall!

This was surfaced after a student’s father approached the Kollam police station, and filed a case against the authorities regrading this. In his letter, the girl’s father claimed that his daughter was forced to remove her bra, since it’s having a “metallic hook“.

Traumatized Right Before Exam 

One of many rules that NEET enforces against students appearing for the exam is to avoid metal elements, citing potential cheating reasons. Aside regular stationary items, the students are advised to come to in a strict dress code, avoid wallets, handbags, belts, caps, jewellery, shoes and heels.

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Even the tiniest elements of metals (noted through metal detectors at entrance) are barred from taking in. And this was what exactly happened on Sunday, at the Marthoma Institute of Information Technology in Kollam, Kerala.

Several female students alleged that they were forced to remove bras, since containing metallic hooks, before entering the exam hall. This was devastating to many, as they moved on as asked. Although the management has given them shawls and duppattas to the girls during exam, it was still uncomfortable for many, claims students.

Since it was traumatic, one of the student’s father has complained in a nearby police station in Kollam, citing his daughter as the main victim. He also stated that his daughter had seen a “roomful of innerwear that was taken” and many girls were crying and felt “mentally tortured“.

Further, many students were “cutting their hooks” and tying them up to avoid going without innerwear into the exam hall.The mental state of these children was disturbed ad they could not attend the exam comfortably (sic),” alleged by the complainant.

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The exam centre, Marthoma Institute of Information Technology denied any responsibility for this incident, claiming that they had provided only the infrastructure to NEET as per instructions. The private security personnel appointed for this action were the actual ones to be blamed, pushed the college.

This wasn’t the first time an incident of such had taken place. Back in 2017, a similar complaint was filed in a Kerala police station, where the victim blamed NEET security personnel doing the same.

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