April 10, 2024
Original Certificates Stuck With College? Demand Them Back!

Original Certificates Stuck With College? Demand Them Back!

Orders from several authorities state that no educational institution in India shall hold the original certificates of students. Yet, we see many colleges withholding the students’ certificates during their course span and even after that.

Why Do They Do It?

For multiple reasons. Officially in most cases, it’s to force the student to appear in college regularly. Since many students join institutions through state-sponsored scholarship programs, they’re subjected to attain a 75% attendance throughout the course term (annual or semester) – so the concerned government can release the fee reimbursement to colleges – which suffices their expenses.

So if a student breaks the chain by skipping classes, he (or the college he’s studying in) wouldn’t be eligible to receive the fee reimbursement, resulting in the seat falling vacant with no business for the concerned college. Thus, they warn students by withholding their certificates and forcing them to appear in classes regularly. If not, in most cases, they ask the concerned student to pay the difference (fee reimbursement) to take back his certificates.

But You Don’t Need To!

Several education regulators like AICTE, UGC and even some local authorities (APSCHE and APHERMC¬†for AP) have issued notices saying that educational institutions shouldn’t keep the original certificates of students in any case.

At the time of admission, institutions may verify the certificates right in front of students, and return them back immediately, notes UGC. AICTE, too, has given similar instructions on multiple occasions. Yet, we see colleges withholding our certificates!

Here’s What You Can Do?

You can openly demand them to return your certificates showing the concerned notices (as attached above). If they don’t comply, you can file a complaint against the institution with AICTE or UGC – by sending a letter with any evidence supporting the claims to the regulators’ headquarters address.

They shall take up the case, may ask for further verification, and start proceedings to act against the college if they’re violating the set rules. Well, this may take quite a time (months usually) and is preferred only when you have patience. If not, lodging an FIR at a local police station may help, considering that police should act within 7 days from the date of FIR filing and hoping that it’s in their purview.

If you got any further doubts, comment below or contact us to let us know. We’ll revert with an appropriate response as soon as we can.

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