September 27, 2023
Top 5 Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Colleges in India

Top 5 Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Colleges in India 2022

With many students leaning toward computers these days, the field of computer science has become widely popular. And with that in mind, here are some of the best colleges and universities in India for studying CSE.

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Famously known as IITB, it is one of the premium institutes established in India and is solely dedicated to technology. It offers both undergraduate and post-graduate programs for pursuing students. Being the most sought-after institute for engineering courses, it is very tough to get into the college and the intake is limited to 100 to 150 students for each branch. few features of the institution are:

  • Experienced faculty who have been highly awarded by the government and elite organizations for their excellence.
  • Absolute placements with whopping annual packages.
  • Advanced labs.

Manipal Institute of Technology

Dubbed India’s MIT, it is a private institute with years of expertise in the field of Engineering. It offers 17 courses in engineering and sprawls across 300 acres. Its key features are:

  • Famous Alumni.
  • Practical learning based on projects.
  • Extensive Research programs.

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Vellore Institute of Technology

A private deemed to be University that offers around 65 undergraduate and 35 postgraduate programs. It is known for:

  • National and global ranking among all Engineering colleges.
  • Partnership with around 300 international universities.
  • Student exchange program.

Bennett University, Greater Noida

It is ranked as the second-best program in India for Research and placements. It is famous for:

  • It’s a serene campus.
  • Hub of recruitment organizations.
  • The quality educational foundation for Masters.

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SRM Institute, Chennai

Known as a famous innovative institute in Engineering, it is a highly sought-after institution. It ha also a destination for foreign students seeking engineering courses in India. It is highly known for:

  • Vibrant campus life.
  • Highest recruitments.

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