May 23, 2024
Best Colleges For Studying English Literature in India

Best Colleges For Studying English Literature in India

As humans, one of the highest abilities which we can boast of and which makes us intelligent of all species is the ability to imagine and communicate our thoughts and ideas. These shared ideas and thoughts shaped our world as we see it now. History and the future are all about those ideas and the storehouse of such transforming ideas is Literature.

By simple definition, Literature is “A body of written works.” But traditionally the field is applied to studies of works of poets and writers. But what can a writer’s imaginative work bring to today’s world? Why is literature still relevant? Why should you read a book written in old English by a writer who died centuries ago? What’s the whole point of it?
Because we humans thrive on knowledge. And by knowledge, I mean everything around and beyond us. We face the same struggles and doubts cavemen had even before the invention of language. We are always struggling to understand and make sense of everything happening around us. It’s only the situations that have changed. Man’s struggle for ‘finding a purpose‘ is still on. And what difference does it make if we find the answer in a laboratory or a work of fiction?

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We are all seeking the same answer but chose different paths. After the 19th century, the development of Science brought reason and logic to the forefront and cut itself off from the roots of the Arts. This led to the division of streams and more detailed studies in each field brought out further branches in them. Literature too has evolved and established itself as one of the oldest forms of knowledge known to humans. People still study the roots and developments in a language and human creativity actively.

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Literature is a record of the history, evolution, science, and creativity of the human mind. And that makes it relevant all the time. After British rule, India has been obsessed with the English language and studied works from writers. In the process, English books opened the doors of the western world to us. Modern development began and still, the fantasy of the white man’s language eluded us. We wanted to know the psyche of the western world and their development making their language our key. That’s how the story of studying English literature began and is still going on. We’ve gathered a list of some Indian colleges which offer English Literature.

  • University of Delhi
    The prestigious university offers various courses and is extremely famous for its Arts. It also boasts of famous alumni and makers best minds of India. Its experienced faculty offers the best knowledge. Along with graduation, the University is a favorite hub for research scholars owing to its expert faculty. It offers various career options for literature students in careers like journalism, copywriting, counseling, script writing, and teaching.
  • Christ University, Bangalore
    Famous for both undergraduate and post-graduate programs, the college offers varied options for students. One of its famous options is Cultural studies.
  • St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata
    One of the oldest colleges in India, it serves as the best option for students pursuing Arts and studies in the literature. It has extensive programs for students and imparts creative knowledge in humanities.
  • Brainware University, Kolkata
    A private University which offers skill-based learning in humanities. With an updated syllabus, it caters to the needs of today’s creative world. Placement options in the creative field make the university stand out from other colleges which offer humanities.
  • Loyola College, Chennai
    A private Catholic aided college fanous for its alumni in Literature studies. Its humanities course offers a perfect balance of studies in old and post-modern literature.

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