April 16, 2024
Narendra Modi: British Education System is Meant to Create a Servant Class

Narendra Modi: British Education System is Meant to Create a Servant Class

UGC organized a three-day educational summit to celebrate the National Education Policy anniversary, from July 7 to 10. The summit is named “Akhila Bharatiya Siksha Samagam,” and brought together various academicians and educationalists together. The theme of the summit is a discussion on the implementation and success of the National Educational Policy proposed by the P.M. in 2020 in transforming higher education.

At the inaugural event, UGC invited Prime Minister to share his views on the education system and what motivated him to choose the policy. In his talk, Modi pointed out that we have been following the British educational system which was purposefully meant to create a class of working people in the colonies of British. The main problem for the failure of the Indian education system lies there and should be changed. We have a talented youth who needs the right guidance and policy is framed to look after the needs and specifications of today’s youth.

According to NEP 2020, all the students can enroll themselves in various institutions without any bias. Courses are designed to promote a sense of understanding of concepts and basics. Integrating Arts and Science ensures children have various opportunities. Students pursuing higher education can opt from a variety of streams and can even choose to drop out of college stating valid reasons. Certification for dropout shall be issued based on the tenure of the course in the form of a certificate, diploma, and Graduation certificate.

In the light of celebrating the success and bringing more awareness to the benefits of NEP 2020, the summit invited various research scholars, teachers, professors, and educationalists, to give their insights and improvements on the topic.UGC urged all the schools to participate by viewing the summit.

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