April 16, 2024

Revised Dates Of CBSE Class 10 Results

After much waiting, the CBSE hasn’t released the results of the class 10 term 2 exams. However, there are talks about releasing the results by July 15. The board officials are planning to release class 10 results first and then release class 12 results.

The board was expected to declare the results after 11.00 A.M. on 4 July but didn’t. There’s no news about results on the official website even the day before. As a response to the tension regarding the declaration of results, CBSE stated that results will not be declared on July 4, later that day. However, the board has launched an online portal named “Parishka Sangam” to give information about all the related details about exams and results.

Meanwhile, students who have been awaiting the results have become active on social media and started a trend on Twitter demanding the best scores of both terms be taken for the highest marks. Officials didn’t respond to the hashtag since the evaluation process is ongoing.

Many students, on the other hand, have been concerned about college admissions and hoped that the results shouldn’t be delayed for long. They feared that delay in results would make it difficult for them to apply for admission since the academic year for college is about to being.

CBSE officials have asked students not to worry about the admissions and that they have consulted officials of UGC and requested to look into the issue. The officials have stated that they are trying to control the discomfort caused to students and planning to release the results soon.

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