3 Must Qualities Of An MBA Student

3 Must Qualities Of An MBA Student

If you’re an MBA pursuing grad from some mediocre college, consider yourself useless already. I’m not being harsh, but true. Truth is always harsh, though. If you’ve picked up MBA in your PG, you must have had a commerce or management background previously. And if you did, you should’ve come across this popular question “Is Management an art or science?

Well, there are plenty of debates arguing on this, and eventually, agree on a balanced result at the end. But if you closely observe, it’s more (slightly) of an art than a science. This doesn’t mean waiving off science at all, but art holds a slight advantage over it. Consider it as 51:49. We’re told that Science in management is a set of Principles/Rules and Art is practice. Now assume, what could be a top MBA grad can achieve if he can’t put his knowledge into work?

This could be vice versa too, but I, personally find art is more prominent than science, at least with respect to management. Well, I could debate on this all day long, but that’s another story. Here, we determine what things you should do before having your paper degree.


This is to learn languages, particularly, English. Mastering English will open doors to many skills, as most of the learning content we see around is made in English. With respect to management, a business student is seen as more polished, decent, and elegant when compared to other streams. Why? That’s what language does to you. Learning various cultures is possible, in fact, easy if you learn that particular community’s language. This shall make you acquire all their specifications into you.

Reading storybooks (start with Chetan Bhagat’s as they’re easy) and watching movies/web series shall make you learn more things about how advanced cultures perform. Those would definitely be attractive and influencing. Believe me, this works. At least here in India. And wondering how this could help? Think again, if you can understand a lot of things, you’ll have a lot of ideas.


Collaboration is yet another important feature a business student should possess. Networking is so crucial as it helps you when you step into the real commercial world. Building contacts and knowing them better is the best way you could solve problems that encounter in the future. And what’s the best way to form links than participating in events. Alumni meets, Festivals, Management meets, cultural programs, Institution anniversaries, etc are here for this. These platforms are set to enhance your skills, and at the same time, making new friends too.


This one’s a critical one and judges your capability in this field. If you observe, over 80% of our academic syllabus is set to tune us as an employee. But if you really are a dreamer, discuss your ideas with your friends and form a plan. You’ll be criticized if your dream isn’t real, but try finding a possibility. Grouping opinions from your circle would make it anyway. At last, try putting them on paper. Remember, you should do it so professionally that, assume you’re about to pitch to an investor. Proper drafting and explanation with a fine PowerPoint presentation will enhance your basic entrepreneurial skills.

And you know why I earlier said you suck graduating from a mediocre college? Because they don’t teach what’s necessary. Being an MBA student, you should be practising more than learning from books. Of course, bookish facts are important too, but implementing them is more necessary. You wouldn’t be considered for any jobs if you’re topping grades and nil at executing them.

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